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Protecting your IP when using video for teaching

I have been building online learning for over 15 years, mainly in the legal space providing professional development for lawyers. I have always wanted to use interactive video as a resource but have worried about protecting the IP in the videos and also getting some real analytics around interactions with the video. One of the […]

4 Impactful Ways Video Is Assisting Teachers in the Classroom

As we’ve mentioned before, everybody has something to gain in terms of digital video’s rise within the classroom—students, parents, teachers, administrators, and institutions alike. In fact, according to a recent poll, 92% of people think video increases student satisfaction with their learning experience, while another 83% think it increases teacher satisfaction as well (source). Thanks […]

Teaching and assessing remotely

Problem: This client was required to teach learners all over the world. They also needed to assess their work. It is an agriucultural business and requires a lot of practical training and demonstrations. Solution: They now have all their educators building teaching material with VidVersity Foundry and controlling their material including keeping it up to […]