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Teaching and assessing remotely

Problem: This client was required to teach learners all over the world. They also needed to assess their work. It is an agriucultural business and requires a lot of practical training and demonstrations. Solution: They now have all their educators building teaching material with VidVersity Foundry and controlling their material including keeping it up to […]

Bringing your video library to life

Problem: This client had hundreds of hours of video but they did not know what to do with them. They also had a very limited budget and no one in the organisation with experience building online learning. Solution: Using VidVersity Foundry over the quiet summer break they were able to turn their video library into […]

Re purposing webinars

Problem: Recording webinars but no one has been watching them. Solution: This client has been uploading their recorded webinars ( in MP4 format) and uploading to VidVersity Foundry. Then using Foundry they have been editing the recording, breaking into chunks, adding quizzes and links and publishing in their LMS. They said for each webinar that […]