Create a video library with an online video education platform

Problem: The client knew they need an online video education platform to create a knowledge centre within their organisation. This client had hundreds of hours of video from seminars, workshops and webinars. They had been recording within the organisation for about 2 years and had an incredible amount of content, but they did not know what to do with it. They also had a very limited budget and no one in the organisation with experience building online learning.

Solution: Using VidVersity ( online video education platform)  over the quiet summer break they were able to turn their video library into interactive modules with chapters, quizzes and notes uploading their LMS ready for when their staff return. The content was easily edited by someone with no previous editing experience, was delivered in a mobile friendly way and all is a highly secure environment.

They were excited about the fact that, in their words, they have created their own “internal Lynda” (now LinkedIn Learning) and they were equally excited about being in control of the content so they can easily update the material,

Written by Liz Kollias former lawyer who has worked in the online learning space for the last 10 years and now a super star member of the VidVersity team.



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