Creating video learning – getting started.

What you get? 

This course is all about practical skills.   As you follow the training you will also be creating your own online learning or training.  As part of the workshop you will have:-

  1. Ongoing access to the online workshop material to revisit anytime.
  2. Access to the content you build during the training.
  3. If you wish to deliver the content you build to your organisation, we will provide hosting or a delivery option via the VidVersity platform for 3 months so you can gather feedback.

What does the training cover?

The workshop is broken into 2 parts.

Part 1  – Planning your project, choosing the style of training, who will be filmed and how to coach them, filming tips including what equipment is needed.  Then you will create or source a short video (don’t worry it’s easy and we show you how!)

Part 2. Learn how to edit, create a course, add resources, documents and other interactions.   Look at how you can deliver training via variety of modes and how to view learner data.

What’s next?

You will receive an email with instruction. If you have any issues contact and register your interest.  Toni will help you get you set up and ready to start.

VidVersity also hosts the workshop in a blended format with participants undertaking the workshop over 2 half days with zoom support throughout.  These workshops are available on request for teams of 5 or more.

See What Our Clients Are Saying About Vidversity Workshops

“With a growing trend in the health care industry to curate on line learning in house rather than outsource generic and possibly less meaningful modules and courses, the prospect of recording, editing and producing an educational course, complete with modules was daunting to say the least.

 Liz, Natalie and the Vidversity team, provide two, half day interactive sessions, that will step the novice through the entire process from tips on successful planning, set up and recording, through successful editing and presentation, to the delivery of the end product.

 The workshops were enjoyable and well supported by the Vidversity team and at the end of the second, half day workshop, I had produced a meaningful product, ready to fine tune for presenting as part of our organisations education. This, along with the knowledge that access to the resources initially provided in the workshops is ongoing, has provided me with confidence in my ability to produce educational courses relevant to the requirements of my organisations health care team.”

Easy to Use

Now anyone can create engaging online learning. The platform has clear, easy to navigate editing and course creation features to ensure that you produce a high quality, consistent product with ease and speed of production.

Video Capture Mobile App

Our proprietary mobile apps allow you to capture large video files on your mobile device and quickly and securely deliver them to your VidVersity account, ready for editing by you or other members of your team.

In-Built Video Editor

Use our highly intuitive editor to break your videos into meaningful course ‘chapters’.

Add Resources

Add learning resources such as questions and quizzes, links to documents and websites and printable notes to make learning highly engaging.

Delivery Flexibility

VidVersity offers a range of delivery modes: either through a Learning Management System (LMS) or delivered straight from VidVersity.


You can track learning activity – what learners do and what they understand – whether it is delivered inside your LMS or if the learning is delivered directly from VidVersity. The choice is yours.

Highly Secure

VidVersity is hosted in Amazon Web Services and has a range of features to ensure that it meets the highest security standards, including our government clients. Please get in touch if you want details about accessibility and security.

We’re Always There to Help

VidVersity is not simply a great video learning software application. We are a complete online learning solution. That means awesome support (just ask our customers!) but it also means that we can act as an extension of your team – whether you are too busy or just have a big project, we can create courses for you.

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