VidVersity for Educators

The need for educators – lecturers, teachers and professional associations – to educate, teach and inspire online has never been greater and continues to grow all the time.

I fully appreciated that raw video was simply not engaging enough for my students. I struggled to find a way to turn them into an interactive experience for our students until I worked with VidVersity. VidVersity made the whole process simple and enabled me to deliver the interactive videos much quicker than traditional e-learning with much better results.

Dr Chantal Morton, Melbourne University Law School

The rise of eLearning promised educators a platform to reach a much wider audience. However, eLearning hasn’t delivered on that promise.

The eLearning tools and formats are too complex and they require eLearning experts to produce the eLearning courses meaning that educators have to hand over their content and lose control of the process. This adds delays, cost and frustration, with courses not always delivering as intended.

This also means that learning and development departments within educational institutions and associations are under huge and increasing pressure.

Then there’s the headache of keeping the courses up to date, having to get someone else involved to update the course and as a result in many cases eLearning courses remain out of date.

VidVersity allows educators to leverage what they’ve always done best: talk and demonstrate but to capture it on video and deliver it in a highly engaging and effective format online. All without the need to involve eLearning experts.

We relieve the mounting pressure on learning and development departments and associations who can then focus on adding value on key learning strategies rather than just on producing online courses.

Some of the ways that VidVersity is putting educators in control:

  • Flipping the classroom: Lecturers build their own online courses to be viewed before class and discussed in the class.
  • Updating: One of the biggest downsides to current eLearning is that it’s so hard to keep up to date: it it’s not up to date it’s value rapidly diminishes. Educators love the fact that you can simply remove and replace a chapter if the information changes.
  • Leveraging what educators do best: More and more lectures, classes and seminars are captured on video. VidVersity is so simple and easy to use that the educators and presenters are creating and publishing the lecture or seminar as an interactive course the same day that it was delivered!
  • Clearing the backlog: Educators, learning and development departments and associations are increasingly frustrated with not being able to keep up with the demand for online learning. Now learning and development departments and associations can use VidVersity to allow them to focus on strategies where they can add the greatest value, rather than just trying to keep up with production. All in much less time and cost than was previously possible.