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If you are looking for new ways of engaging your learners, particularly in the corporate environment, we can recommend spending 20 minutes checking out Salman Khan’s Ted Talk, “Let’s use video to reinvent education”.

Khan talks about the power of video in teaching and the concept of ‘flipping the classroom’ by using technology to deliver self paced learning BEFORE the class even begins. The teacher comes to class having looked at the analytics of each student’s online learning; where they got stuck, where they needed to go back and review and where they made mistakes.  The live classroom then becomes a very different place. The moment the teacher walks in, he or she knows exactly what the challenges are for each student.

If you’ve ever struggled with High School maths, you know that a small gap in understanding will compound over time.  You can’t simply move on and hope that little gap will make no difference. Khan talks about this as being crucial to success in learning by ensuring each student fully understands each level of learning before progressing to the next.

Let’s apply this to adult learning in a corporate environment.  Offering e-learning to adults before a session enables the subsequent live session to be of much greater value.  Learners are all coming to the session on an even footing without embarrassment and are then ready to engage in the next level of learning.

Khan looks at what you are doing with your ‘human time’.  Have a look at your live learning program and how you could use technology to enhance the live experience.  In the corporate environment, there is huge scope for ‘blended’ learning. Use technology to support your live sessions.   Create content which provides the preparatory framework for your session. Introduce your topic, provide the resources and background information.  All your staff then attend the session on the same footing. The live session can then be used to analyse and build on that online framework. Use role play, discussion, analysis, then capture that session and add to the initial online resource.   

The VidVersity course creation tool uses video to create content quickly and easily.  So it also means a live session can be edited and added to the background content to create an ongoing reference and resource for staff.  Contact us to access a trial version of the tool to see how you can introduce video based learning to your team.

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