VidVersity for Government

Providing training in government has many challenges including:

  1. Security – it can be very difficult to provide video training within government departments.
  2. Geographical – many of the learners are in remote locations making it difficult for them to attend live training courses.
  3. Strict compliance procedures – it is hard for vendors to sell software to the Government due to the the strict requirements placed on any software purchased by any Government department.

VidVersity solves these issues by enabling the creation of interactive videos. Video is an incredible medium to provide training and by breaking it into small ‘micro learning’ videos the learner can learn and access relevant information as needed. Further, at VidVersity we have a secure IRAP compliant platform that ensures the videos and all the assets such as PowerPoint slides, questions and notes are all highly secure.

Case study – LearnHub

We have been working with a Federal Government agency together with LearnHub to ensure not only are we providing a secure solution we work within their current systems. They are now recording webinars, breaking into chapters, adding questions and delivering in their government approved LMS, LearnHub.

All this was done in a simple,  secure environment and entirely remotely.

Case study – Women’s Legal Service Victoria

VidVersity is proud to be associated with the Victoria Women’s Legal Service.
During 2020, we worked with the VWLS on a pro-bono and ongoing project basis to adapt face to face workshop training for lawyers and Financial Counsellors to a blend of live (Zoom) and self-paced online training content.  This was an incredibly rewarding project for us as this was achieved entirely during the Melbourne COVID lockdown for a team new to online content creation and with an organisation new to online learning and training development.

This project developed and launched in around 4 weeks has enabled the VWLS to continue to deliver workshops to remote learners providing greater reach even beyond COVID.  The team at the VWLS were able to embrace the challenge and opportunities inherent in a new way of creating and delivering effective and engaging training.

You can read their Impact Report 2020.