Our Story

The VidVersity story began when co-founders, Simon Quirk and Natalie Wieland, witnessed first hand the complexity and lack of solutions for creating online learning.

“We were simply staggered with how expensive and time consuming it was.”

And none of the solutions properly or securely handled large video files.

They saw the opportunity to revolutionise online learning which led to the creation of VidVersity.

VidVersity empowers the user to create highly engaging and effective videos with little support or no prior learning experience.

VidVersity has removed the complexity of existing online learning options, so you are left to teach, inspire and inform.

VidVersity is transforming the way people create and publish online learning and how learners experience gaining knowledge.

Who is behind VidVersity

Simon Quirk

CEO and Co-Founder

The really exciting thing for me about technology today is how it enables smaller, more nimble groups to effectively solve really important problems, where the larger organisations are too slow to move.

In the last start up I founded we needed to develop online learning to support the platform. I was quite literally staggered with how expensive and time consuming the quotes and how many different learning expert needed to be involved.

So, when I saw how Natalie was thinking of putting the people who wanted to get results - not online learning experts - back in control of online learning, I immediately knew that a huge and very important problem was being solved.

It’s so exciting to see the reactions of our customers when they realise that they can now be in control of creating and delivering engaging online learning that delivers the results that they need.

Natalie Weiland

COO and Co-Founder

I have been an educator in the corporate and academic worlds for over 20 years. I founded and scaled an eLearning business providing courses in continuing professional development. And for many years I have been a teacher in the Law School at the University of Melbourne and belong to a global group of law schools.

I often heard my fellow academics talk about how hard it was to create effective online learning. Even as an eLearning expert, I was experiencing first hand how hard it was to simply and quickly create effective online learning. So, with my background in eLearning and post grad qualifications in IT, I looked to build what was missing.

VidVersity is the platform to put the business, government and educators – not the eLearning experts – back in control of the learning process, where it always should have been. It’s now become my mission to provide the world with an online learning platform that works for them, not the other way around.

Invest in online-learning software that allows you to cost-effectively create, deliver, engage and assess.

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