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Simon Quirk

Team member position.

The really exciting thing for me about technology today is how it enables smaller, more nimble groups to effectively solve really important problems, where the larger organisations are too slow to move.

In the last start up I founded we needed to develop online learning to support the platform. I was quite literally staggered with how expensive and time consuming the quotes and how many different learning expert needed to be involved.

So, when I saw how Natalie was thinking of putting the people who wanted to get results – not online learning experts – back in control of online learning, I immediately knew that a huge and very important problem was being solved.

It’s so exciting to see the reactions of our customers when they realise that they can now be in control of creating and delivering engaging online learning that delivers the results that they need.

Natalie Wieland

Team member position.

I have been an educator in the corporate and academic worlds for over 20 years. I founded and scaled an eLearning business providing courses in continuing professional development. And for many years I have been a teacher in the Law School at the University of Melbourne and belong to a global group of law schools.

I often heard my fellow academics talk about how hard it was to create effective online learning. Even as an eLearning expert, I was experiencing first hand how hard it was to simply and quickly create effective online learning. So, with my background in eLearning and post grad qualifications in IT, I looked to build what was missing.

VidVersity is the platform to put the business, government and educators – not the eLearning experts – back in control of the learning process, where it always should have been. It’s now become my mission to provide the world with an online learning platform that works for them, not the other way around.

Liz Kollias

Team member position.

Liz graduated from Monash Arts/Law in the early 90s and went on to pursue a 15 year career as a practicing lawyer working in general practice with a focus on Property and Wills & Estates. Liz joined VidVersity co-Founder Natalie Wieland in the then fledgling online learning world with CPD Interactive in 2011 and subsequently joined the VidVersity team. Liz heads up Communications and Client engagement and co-ordinates the Workshop programme. Liz is based in Sydney and close to the crystal waters of the Pacific.

Tom Richardson


Coming Soon.


Head of Sales

Loren has held senior management and leadership roles across a range of industries for global and local companies in operations, sales, and learning and development. She has a well-respected reputation for establishing deep and real business connections that are aligned to strategic objectives, increasing revenue, and building and leading high performing teams.

Loren understands that building great relationships, focusing on the next achievement, and continuing to learn are key contributors to success.

Toni Walker-Lear

Executive Assistant

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Team member position.

Web Application Architect, Full Stack Developer (Open Source) and Technology Consultant.

Scrum project management (User stories, Sprints, Burn down charts & Kan-ban)
Functional and Technical Specification development
Intuitive Rich User Interface and Experience Design (UI/UX)
Javascript modular programming for single page apps
Database design and normalisation


Javascript libraries and frameworks: ECMAScript 5 (ES5), jQuery, VueJS, AngularJS, NodeJS.
PHP and frameworks: Php7, Yii, Laravel, Symfony and PHPUnit.
Build management tools: Webpack, Grunt, Babel etc
AWS Cloud Services integration.
Developing backend services (REST) and architecture design.


Team member position.

I have developed a successful career in IT leading the investigation of business problems, defining winning solutions, and writing requirements documents for a large number complex software and infrastructure projects.

I’m a Passionate professional focused on driving value and enabling business strategy through the effective application of business and technology architecture principles, practices and tools with large experience with a wide range of technology stacks covering Web, UX, Mobile, Mid-tier, Integration, Data, Infrastructure and BI.

Quick learner and a lateral thinker with a keen interest in incorporating emerging technologies into solutions.

Managed project delivery using teams across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil, Ukraine, Singapore, Vietnam, and India.