Why VidVersity

Tom Richardson – Chairman

Every start up needs to expertise and guidance. We are so honoured to have Tom Richardson as Chairman.

As the former CEO of Janison he has a wealth of experience in the EdTech space and shares our vision of making great learning accessible for everyone.

From Tom:

“I believe in the power of education and my purpose is to transform the way people learn.

After many years advising companies as a management consultant I now cherish the opportunity to advise, invest and work with teams to build and implement technology platforms for the education sector.”

Email: tomcornellrichardson@gmail.com

Simon Quirk – Business Advisor

Simon Quirk has a wealth of experience as a lawyer and business founder. He keeps an eye on the strategy ensuring we stay focused and on track to fulfil our vision of making great learning accessible to all.

Simon loves chatting about the EdTech space and always keen to explore partnership opportunities.

Email: simon@vidversity.com

Natalie Wieland – CTO

Natalie combines her passion with technology and education in this role. She works closely with Liz Kollias and Simon Quirk aligning the strategy of the business with the technology.

She is always free for a chat about EdTech and always keen to hear products ideas.

Email: natalie@vidversity.com

Liz Kollias – CEO

Every company needs someone who keeps the wheels turning and the processes running smoothly, and for VidVersity that is Liz. Liz was once a manager partner of a Law Firm and understands what is needed to make a business thrive.

Further, her passion is writing so she plays a key part in our social media and communications strategy.

Email: liz@vidversity.com

Mike Levi – Head Developer

Web Application Architect, Full Stack Developer (Open Source) and Technology Lead at VidVersity. Mike has a wonderful ability to understand not just technology but how to make software user friendly and meet our customers requirements. He is a key part of the VidVersity team and many of our customers would be familiar with him.

Key skills
Scrum project management (User stories, Sprints, Burn down charts & Kan-ban)
Functional and Technical Specification development
Intuitive Rich User Interface and Experience Design (UI/UX)
Javascript modular programming for single page apps
Database design and normalisation

Javascript libraries and frameworks: ECMAScript 5 (ES5), jQuery, VueJS, AngularJS, NodeJS.
PHP and frameworks: Php7, Yii, Laravel, Symfony and PHPUnit.
Build management tools: Webpack, Grunt, Babel etc
AWS Cloud Services integration.
Developing backend services (REST) and architecture design.

Email: mike@vidversity.com

Toni Walker-Lear – Customer Success

Toni has a passion for supporting businesses to ensure all their administration needs are met. She has a pin point focus on our customer needs and ensure all their needs are met.

She has over 20 years of business experience both as a business owner and employee. She is results driven and has solid interpersonal, communication and problem solving skill.

Her personal goal is to ensure that all of VidVersity’s clients feel supported and can create great learning content.

Email: toni@vidversity.com

Patricia Marie Javier – Customer Support Team

Patricia is a reliable, proactive, and detailed-oriented client support specialist. With years of experience in learning and development and application support, she has developed the right combination of skillset to support different industries and countries for onboarding users/clients. Her goal is to provide personalised service and help resolve queries in the best possible way with her friendly and confident approach. She is passionate about enhancing her technical skills in learning new application platforms.

Email: patricia@vidversity.com


Law firm training

Client: McCabe Curwood

Requirement: To provide modern professional development to lawyers and their client. The content needs to be interactive and tracked to meet the regulatory requirements.

Timeframe:  They record webinars and create into online interactive modules in about 3 hours. Many of the lawyers in their firm use VidVersity to create and deliver client training.

Method: Record Zoom meetings/webinar. Upload to VidVersity and remove irrelevant parts. Break into chapters and add links to relevant materials such as cases and legislation.

Tools/Equipment: Video camera or Zoom recording and VidVersity

Delivered: For internal delivery they use SCORM to add to their LMS and for client training they use VidVersity to deliver and track.

Leadership training

Client: Brockhurst Consulting

Requirement: To provide leadership training to their clients

Timeframe: Three weeks

Method: Each presenter recorded their part of the presentation using their phones. They then uploaded directly to the VidVersity course creation tool using the phone app. Using VidVersity they edited the videos, add slides and interactions and delivered to registered users only.

Tools/Equipment: Iphone, VidVerstiy Phone App and VidVersity Course Creation platform

Delivered: VidVersity registered users only.