Sharing Without an LMS

Understand How Share Works

Share is our exciting new feature that allows anyone to share a link to a course created with VidVersity and immediately start capturing learner data.

You can seamlessly integrate VidVersity courses into any learning management system (LMS), however, now you don’t need an LMS.

Learning management systems are a huge cost and a big decision. We have had customers who have taken over a year to make a decision on an LMS, all the while they were missing out on learner data.

Not any more. With VidVersity Share they can capture learner data and upload it to their LMS when they have one.

Or, with VidVersity Share, you don’t even need an LMS at all. Many organisations educating online can get everything that they need from VidVersity Share and dispense without the cost and hassle of purchasing an LMS.

VidVersity Share is just another way that we are making online learning much simpler and more cost effective.

Invest in online-learning software that allows you to cost-effectively create, deliver, engage and assess.

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