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How can students prove they wrote the paper they submitted when it is online education?

Problem trying to solve: A key issue with online education is proving that a student completed the work they submitted.  We were working with a a client who was a lecturer delivering online programs. She was concerned that buy delivering online education, some of here students were not writing their essays. One of her key concerns with assessment was how could she confirm who wrote the paper that was submitted. She was also concerned that the course had a some skill based learning and she needed her students to demonstrate they had acquired these practical skills.

Solution: After looking in the market for a solution she came to us at VidVersity and asked if we could flip our video submission software, so that students could submit videos demonstrating their skills and knowledge.  We worked with her to integrate VidVersity inside the University LMS to set up an assignment that required a minute video presentation providing an overview of how and why they argued certain points in their paper. She got her students creating a series of short videos to compliment papers, using the phone app, trimming in the app and sending directly to their LMS for assessment. She said it is fast even with large videos, easy to use and the students love it.

LMS: Moodle

Written by Natalie Wieland former lawyer who has worked in Learning and Development for 15 years and co-founder of VidVersity.


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