Problem: This client was required to teach learners all over the world. They also needed to assess their work. It is an agriucultural business and requires a lot of practical training and demonstrations.

Solution: They now have all their educators building teaching material with VidVersity Foundry and controlling their material including keeping it up to date and dynamic. They found traditional text based learning was not a great way to teach practical skills: changing a horse shoe, operating a quad bike safely etc.

They are also using VidVersity Benchmark so their learners can submit video assessments straight from their moboile phones. They were very worried with old online text based methods of assessment because their assessment really requires ‘doing’, but due to geographical challenges it was impossible to send someone on site to assess demonstrations. Time differences were also a real challenge. Now the students can video themselves out in the field and send back to the teacher.

LMS: Canvas


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