Problem: This teacher had 120 students in the class, a number who were ESL students, with the majority local students. She wanted to do summaries of each lecture (after the lecture) to help the students who struggled with English and to assist all the class generally.

Why other solutions had not worked: She had tried using a number of products but they were either too expensive or required a lot of technical skill.

Solution with VidVersity: She used the VidVersity phone app after each class to create a short 5- 10 minute video summarising the class and did some basic editing on the phone. She then uploaded to the VidVersity web app which she used to add notes, links to reading guides, questions and some PowerPoints slide. She published the video and made available to her students using the VidVersity sharelink all within about 30 minutes of the class. She did a new video every week and through the analytics could see what chapters were being watched, when they were viewed and if they were getting the questions right.

Feedback: She loved how easy and quick it was to deliver something online and her students said it was invaluable.



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