VidVersity Foundation

Knowledge is Wealth.

At VidVersity we believe that learning and education transforms lives. That’s why we love what we do.

But as exciting as we get (and we do!) when we help people realise their goals and aspirations in our business, government or education customers, we can have an even greater impact on communities that are less fortunate than our own. That’s because the very essence of what we are all about - making online learning simple, cost effective and engaging - makes us absolutely perfect for making an impact where it’s needed most.

Projects such as using VidVersity to educate young girls in regions where they aren’t able to access the education that they need in order to break the cycle of repression. So we set up the VidVersity Foundation to provide software access, course creation and source the best learning content. All delivered free by the Foundation. We’re just getting started but it’s our mission to use education to create lasting, positive change.

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Invest in online-learning software that allows you to cost-effectively create, deliver, engage and assess.

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