VidVersity not only provides you with a simple video course creation platform, we also have a course creation team that acts as your online learning team and we have just launched a video-based learning assessment platform. This unique combination of products and services makes VidVersity a complete solution for your online learning objectives.


I fully appreciated that raw video was simply not engaging enough for my students. I struggled to find a way to turn them into an interactive experience for our students, until I worked with VidVersity. VidVersity made the whole process simple and enabled me to deliver interactive videos much quicker than traditional e-learning with much better results.

Dr Chantal Morton

Melbourne University Law School

VidVersity understands the need to deliver transformational online learning experiences in today’s competitive marketplace. They are helping us to stand out but a key is that they enable us to achieve this in a way that is both quick and simple.

Tass Katsoulidis

Director, Student Experience RMIT Online

VidVersity unlocks the learning potential of any organisation. It’s so simple to create and maintain highly engaging online learning that anyone can do it -even without any prior online learning experience. It transforms video into a much more engaging and interactive learning experience. It delivers much greater value than any other learning solution.

Mietta Gibson

HR consultant, speaker and writer

We had been grappling for quite some time on how we could educate our members, umpires and coaches online. But all of the the options we looked at were too difficult, time consuming and expensive to develop and maintain courses and they didn’t deal very well with video. But with VidVersity we now have everything that we need. Not only is it simple and cost effective, as it’s making our videos highly interactive, it’s also better.

Nick Gall

CEO, Rowing Victoria

VidVersity is an amazingly flexible and responsive platform for creating and delivering engaging learning and the support team are just as responsive! VidVersity is really easy use and is a key asset for organisational learning, communication and engagement.

Celia Swales

Learning Consultant, Oz Child

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