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VidVersity Foundation

At VidVersity we believe that learning and education transforms lives. That’s why we love what we do.

But as exciting as we get (and we do!) when we help people realise their goals and aspirations in our business, government or education customers, we can have an even greater impact on communities that are less fortunate than our own.

That’s because the very essence of what we are all about – making online learning simple, cost effective and engaging – makes us absolutely perfect for making an impact where it’s needed most.

Projects such as using VidVersity to educate young girls in regions where they aren’t able to access the education that they need in order to break the cycle of repression. So we set up the VidVersity Foundation to provide software access, course creation and source the best learning content.

All delivered free by the Foundation. We’re just getting started but it’s our mission to use education to create lasting, positive change.

If you want to know more or how you may be able to help, get in touch.

VidVersity Foundation

Our Case studies

Here are some of the projects we have worked on through the Vidversity Foundation.

Victorian Womens Legal Service

The Womens Legal Service in Victoria provides training to legal and allied professionals. All training was carried out live and during Covid an online or blended alternative was sought. VidVersity undertook a pro bono project and the organisation later sought and obtained funding for further online training to be produced.

VidVersity worked with Subject Matter Experts to create an innovative blended model whereby participants attended live zoom over 2 or 3 shorter periods each day of training, interspersed with self-paced short modules to prepare for further live sessions.

All synchronous or ‘lecture’ style content as well as video case studies were adapted to an online format.The blended learning was then able to be delivered to participants across the state of Victoria (previously live participation in house meant participation was limited). The blended model had great feedback from all participants and dramatically reduced the workload on presenters over the course of the online training and ‘zoom fatigue’ for all participants. VidVersity was involved at all stages of this project, from design, planning and content creation through to delivery of content via VidVersity LMS. This provided secure login for registered learners with full analytics. Importantly, the progress of each learner through selfpaced modules was tracked in real time. This meant that trainers could see who had and had not completed content which was important for the group sessions.

Walk A While Foundation

Each year VidVersity undertakes a Pro Bono project.In 2022, VidVersity provided online learning for Architects to support Walk A While Foundation.

Walk a While Foundation was established with the primary objective of walking alongside Indigenous people using creative and visual arts as common ground. The Foundation equips people with tools and skills to tell their stories, to share their culture and traditions, and to engage in meaningful employment opportunities within their own communities. A link to the website is here https://walkawhile.org.au/ Deborah DeJong is a business consultant and approached us about assisting her in fundraising for the Walk While Foundation. She came up with the idea of selling CPD courses to her network of architects where all the profits go to the foundation.

We agreed to create all the content and deliver on a pro bono basis. The content was created from video footage provided by Subject Matter Experts and from this raw material a series of 5 stand alone online, self paced learning modules were created for Architects with relevant static resources and learner interactivity.
All modules are accessible on any device (fully mobile responsive) and the learner can return to the content at any time.
The modules included practical content (Building sustainably with timber) and compliance content.The landing page for the content can be viewed here https://vidversity.eb-sites.com/4848056969723904 The modules were made available for purchase with all funds raised donated to the Walk a While Foundation. The program was launched in July 2022 and demonstrates an innovative approach to contributing to indigenous communities through professional development. VidVersity is proud to have been a Pro Bono partner in this project and provides ongoing support through the provision of a secure platform to host and track learning and provide capacity to update the content at any time.

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