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For the millennials (and younger), video is like electricity.  It’s just there.  It doesn’t frighten them.  They don’t think about how it works and they can’t function without it.  My teenagers are constantly engaged with video learning.  It’s…

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VidVersity has a new look and feel
VidVersity has a new look and feel!

  VidVersity has rebranded!  We want our look and feel to reflect or culture of innovation and accessible content creation. Read all about it here.

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Using interactive video to create follow-up material for learners to revisit

When building training so much time is spent preparing the material, designing the content and the actual delivery. One key part of learning is the learner needs to be able to revisit the material and this opportunity in…

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Protecting the IP when using video for teaching

I have been building online learning for over 15 years, mainly in the legal space providing professional development for lawyers. I have always wanted to use interactive video as a resource but have worried about protecting the IP…

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Cut the time and cost of creating quality online learning

By using a video first approach, VidVersity saves you many, many thousands of dollars and countless hours for every hour of online learning you create compared to current eLearning formats, where video comes second and is added after…

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