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Creating quality online learning using video has been difficult

Current options present significant challenges in creating highly effective online learning. And it’s still far too complex, time-consuming and costly to turn your videos into an online course that delivers quality learning outcomes. In most cases, an eLearning developer has to take over and spend many hours creating the courses, adding significant time and cost. […]

Cut the time and cost of creating quality online learning

By using a video first approach, VidVersity saves you many, many thousands of dollars and countless hours for every hour of online learning you create compared to current eLearning formats, where video comes second and is added after the eLearning is developed. To provide a complete solution We can also act as your extended team […]

Democratising online learning

At VidVersity, everything we do is about making it simple to teach, inform and inspire online. Online learning has the potential to change lives, especially for those who can’t access traditional learning. However, eLearning to this point simply hasn’t delivered on it’s promise to fully open up learning for all because it’s placed barriers of […]

Video is the future of online learning

We are entering the age of video in online learning. Video enables greater understanding and retention that other modes of online learning. Only video offers the ability demonstrate techniques, from how to pronounce specific sounds in a foreign language, to how to use software, to simply observing who is delivering the learning, just like you […]