Problem: This client had hundreds of hours of video but they did not know what to do with them. They also had a very limited budget and no one in the organisation with experience building online learning.

Solution: Using VidVersity Foundry over the quiet summer break they were able to turn their video library into interactive modules with chapters, quizzes and notes uploading their LMS ready for when their staff return. They were excited about the fact that, in their words, they have created their own “internal Lynda”.



Problem: Recording webinars but no one has been watching them.

Solution: This client has been uploading their recorded webinars ( in MP4 format) and uploading to VidVersity Foundry. Then using Foundry they have been editing the recording, breaking into chunks, adding quizzes and links and publishing in their LMS. They said for each webinar that is recorded it takes about 1 hour to have it edited and published. They are not only getting great feedback from the staff, they are getting great data from their LMS on who has been viewing, which chapters they have viewed.