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The Best of 2023 for Video Learning

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To create great online learning, you will need a great tool kit. These days, that tool kit is made up of hardware such as cameras and microphones. Digital tools including online editors are also a great way to bring your video to a professional level.

Our mission at Vidversity is to democratize the creation of online learning and training and video is a great way in. It’s easy to capture, easy to update and 70% of learners prefer it to text based learning.

So read on for our wrap up of the best tools for creating great video based learning and training.


1. Best camera. Logitech C505 HD Webcam with Long Range Microphone

A webcam will lift your video quality to professional standards and it won’t set you back much at all. At VidVersity, we are devotees of Logitech. There’s a camera for every price range from $100 upwards. Look for a directional microphone and you may not need a separate mic set up.

2. Best desk microphone

DataBlitz - LOGITECH Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB Mic

The Blue Yeti Nano is a well priced microphone that is ideal for desktop. It’s compact enough to move from place to place but not too small with an adjustable stand.  At around $140 AUD it’s a great price too. It has a USB plug for fast setup. Plus it looks great on the desk with a retro vibe.


3. Best lapel microphone. 

As an Australian company, we love to recommend other Australian brands. Rode is one of the best. Try the RØDE SmartLav+ Smartphone Lavalier Microphone. It’s well priced at around $80 and it’s hard to go past Rode for quality. If you want a lower priced option, for around $45 you can pick up cordless lapel mics that will plug directly into your mobile for quality sound recording on the go.


4. Best video editing software. 

Movavi Video Editor [Free Download] | Video Editing Software

We love Movavi for editing and adding great animations although there are many editing options on the market. When noise quality is an issue, Veed is a great product to remove background noise and improve audio quality. Poor audio is more distracting to the viewer / learner than poor video as the latter can always be improved by overlaying other images, graphics or by editing in B roll footage.


5. Best animation creator. 

Vyond Studio | Video Creation Solution for Business | Vyond

Animation is a great option where you don’t have video footage but want to provide an engaging visual denomination. It’s also ideal for scenarios that are hard to film such as inappropriate workplace behaviour or showing something like fire safety. We recommend Vyond for animation creation.


6. Best design tool for slides and backgrounds. 

Canva Free

Canva has been in the news for the extraordinary rise of this Aussie company and it’s no surprise. Canva makes the creation of slides and other graphic design processes intuitive and easy. Use Canva to create digital backgrounds to record video on Zoom or create visually impactful slide decks to then use in your video recordings.


7. Best voiceover. Real humans!

We have used voice actors to provide voice overs for promotional videos. The result is very professional but it is an expensive option. For a cheaper option why not try a platform like Fiverr. But remember that continuity to updating content may be an issue so think about the longevity of the project before you commit.


8. Best voice over. Digital.

AI voices haven’t been convincing or realistic…until now. We have been testing 11 Labs this year to replicate real voices and we are really impressed with the results. You can use a real voice for the AI tool to replicate meaning there is a consistent and relatable ‘character’ to your voiceovers. Ideal for adding to animations or even Powerpoint presentation recordings.


9. Best platform to create online learning – Vidversity.

There are other authoring tools out there of course but here is why Vidversity should be your first choice when it comes to creating video based learning and training. Firstly, it’s easy to use. Next, everything you need is included in your subscription package,so there’s no need to look for a hosting solution or even a Learning Management System (although we will work in yours if you do!). And finally, we provide real humans to provide onboarding, training and any support your need during the year. And we are Australian owned, operated and hosted, so you know your content will be secure. With Vidversity, we can help you bring your online learning and training to life in 2024. 


10. Best App to capture video on the go! Vidversity. 

If you have worked with video, you will know that moving video from one device to another can be tricky. We created a simple App so you can ask creators out in the field or in other locations, or even just across the office, to create or upload and send you video. It will drop straight into your Vidversity creator platform ready to edit and add to create video based learning. With the Vidversity App you can create employee experiences, or capture onsite training such as how to use equipment in the field. You might even just want to create site specific induction such as filming where dangerous chemicals are located on site. 


Honourable mention. 

A quick shout out to PowerPoint for the great addition to the suite in the ability to record using powerpoint. This makes video based training video fast and easy to produce. Here’s a quick ‘how to video’ on how it works.

You can also try a teleprompter app on your laptop or phone to save those endless re-recordings. There are loads of free options. Remember to adjust your camera height so text and eye view are in line for a natural result.

Want to learn how to create online learning in 2024. Join our live (on Zoom) workshop commencing February 2024. 

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