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Reluctantly Starring In Your Own Adventure Movie?

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Guest Post by Damien O’Malley

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Over the last few weeks, we have had a number of discussions with organisations about the challenges of moving quickly to create positive and engaging learning environments.

Quite often, the 1st step is to look to move all existing content onto one platform – whether that be Zoom, Teams or any of the other great platforms that exist. For some, this 1st step into virtual delivery is akin to Indiana Jones taking that first step across the chasm in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – he trusted the guidance and instructions even though the way was not immediately clear.

Continuing to draw insight from this classic film, the migration to a virtual on-line environment can appear to be a search for the Holy Grail – β€œwhat is the one piece of technology that I need to solve this crucial challenge?”. The danger with this approach is that we may be seduced like Dr. Elsa Schneider and reach for the golden chalice studded with emeralds, with our programs suffering the same fate as Walter Donavan, and rapidly disintegrate.

Whilst VidVersity is not a simple wooden cup which was ultimately the Holy Grail, there is something in the metaphor of simplicity. VidVersity was created with a vision of democratising on-line learning – creating our version of the wooden cup for you to deploy your holy grail – your own content.

So, if you feel right now you are on your own version of your own Last Crusade, we are here to help. In our experience, a more blended, integrated approach is what will deliver sustainable, engaging and holistic learning (and tracking and assessment).

We are currently working individuals to migrate their content onto an online delivery model. They use VidVersity as the core platform to deliver the core learning content, then use     Zoom / Teams to set up the session, be the vehicle for interaction and Q&A, then back to VidVersity to provide supporting information, checklists, mini-assessments, and finally close the sessions with a participant check-out (again via Zoom / Teams etc). Participants progress is tracked via VidVersity and our new feature of Benchmark provides the solution where objective assessment is required.

From an organisation perspective, we have developed a 2-week supported implementation plan to guide those accountable for broader curriculum delivery. The first week focuses on the crucial stages of Planning and Set-up and includes identification of key subject matter experts (who may be feeling a little bit like Marcus Brody for most of the Last Crusade – a brilliant mind temporarily trapped in a bit of a mental haze) who may need extra support and coaching.

In the second week we move to Deploy and Review in a measured and supported way. Sessions are created, supporting material linked, tips and hints are shared in daily checkpoint calls and the Marcus Brody’s are coached and assisted. We complete a final review, confirm key learnings and are available for additional support as required.

It sounds more complex that it actually is. Our best advice based on the clients that we are currently working with is to take that first step – video your content, edit it into bite-size chunks, create some supporting information (which more than likely you already have), and deploy it. Start with your favourite content, test it with people you know, listen for their feedback, then have another go.

If you are accountable for a more broader curriculum, we are happy to work with you to develop the appropriate implementation plan.

We may all be delivering our core learning in a virtual environment for some time to come. The power of VidVersity is that you can create your content in your own time ahead of the delivery date, then deploy it as part of an integrated and engaging learning session.

We have a number of supporting checklist, guides and our Digital Coaches to support individuals and organisations – and we promise there will be no movie metaphors as part of the process.

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