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The essential equipment kit to create professional video for learning and training.

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Video is of course a powerful teaching tool. We all carry a sophisticated piece of video equipment in our back pocket and it is a great way to capture training for your staff and content to engage your customers and clients.

Lapel mics.

Interviewing a Subject Matter Expert is a really effective way to capture technical training or professional development content. For the consumer of this video learning, sound quality will be of greater importance than picture quality. Poor sound is annoying and problems will be evident once the learner is listening via high quality headphones.

We recommend a good quality lapel mic for live in person interviews, or when recording on work sites. Rode have a range of great mics. We love the wireless, lapel style. These cost around $300, are super compact and compatible with your phone and laptop.

Green screen.

With the inbuilt recording function in platforms such as Zoom, you can instantly create a video studio by launching a meeting and recording. Your laptop is likely to have a good quality microphone so you may not need additional sound equipment however the look and feel of the recording is important.

Firstly, get your lighting right. The best lighting is natural daylight in front of your face. You can face a window or if you need a quiet space but don’t have natural light, a lamp covered in white paper will create a similar effect.

A physical green screen will create a superior quality background and you can add the image of your choice and your corporate logo if you wish. Controlling the background removes distractions for learners and provides you with some creative license on how you are presenting your video ‘product’.

We use the Elgato pull up green screen. It’s not particularly portable so is ideally kept in the office or space where you intend to record but it’s fast to assemble and very stable. These cost around $300. You can built your background image and add your logo in a platform such as canva.

High definition webcam.

You might think the camera quality on your laptop looks ok, but plug in a high definition web cam and you will be blown away. We use Logitech here at VidVersity. They are compact, plug into any laptop and sit at the top of your screen and provide a mini studio with functionality such as auto light correction and an inbuilt microphone. Prices start at $99 and head all the way up as far you would like to go. However a price point of $99-$300 will give you all the functionality and picture quality you need.

There are so many ways to capture video for staff training or client engagement. In person interviews, Zoom or Teams recordings or even screen capture with voiceover to create instant video using Powerpoint or to demonstrate software. By setting up an essential equipment kit and having your ‘studio’ ready to go at any time, means video creation can become a normal part of your working day.