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Barriers to online learning creation.

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Removing barriers to online learning creation is key to empowering staff.

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Barriers to online learning creation.

Overcoming barriers to online learning creation is key to empowering staff to look to new ways to create and share both information and learning within organisations.

And removing as many obstacles as possible is a key focus of VidVersity. In the same way products such as Canva have enabled anyone to create professional graphic design content and MYOB and XERO have enabled business owners to take control of bookkeeping processes, VidVersity is all about simplification. The end product need not be compromised in the process.

So, let’s look at how long it takes to create learning resources. In this article from the Association for Talent Development (ATD) survey results were collated showing build time of online learning content was taking up to 155 hours to build less than half an hour of training content. Mid-level style engagements which are similar to the style of content produced using VidVersity, takes between 48-84 hours to produce a 20 – minute module.

The top 3 barriers to production of content were: –

  1. Limited resources in time, budget and talent;
  2. Scope creep or expanding project deliverables;
  3. Lack of standardised processes or templates.

So how are these issues to be addressed?

Many organisations continue to use tools that have been entrenched in the marketplace for some time.   However,  there are new tools and new approaches which can minimise or remove these roadblocks.

How can these be reduced or minimised? Let’s address these.

Always consider the needs of the learner.

Expensive and time-consuming approaches don’t always benefit the learner. Consider this. A university lecturer is asked to teach law students a class on Advocacy. She decides to buy a new suit as she wishes to convey the importance to her students of appropriate court attire.   She could buy an ordinary dark suit.  Or, she could buy a Chanel suit. Would the substantial additional cost of the designer suit make any difference to the students? Absolutely not.

The same applies for the time and expense devoted to online learning creation. Only take the time and make the investment necessary to meet the needs of a learner.

Let’s look at an example. The sharing of up to the minute technical material is key for many sectors, be that professional services such as law or accounting, latest changes to manufacturing processes, or product features for sales teams. For the health sector, changes to processes around COVID safe procedures and other health and safety issues are also time sensitive. The key is conveying information to staff or customers quickly and effectively. A gap in understanding may have significant ramifications.

For a young accountant needing the latest updates in tax law, an expensively produced interactive, gamified module is not necessary. Instead, produce a short-written bulletin or create a video (talking head) explainer with a link to the new legislation. Or record and share a Zoom workshop discussing the changes.

For changes to health and safety procedures in a hospital, video your own staff showing these procedures. This can be filmed on an iPhone. The staff simply need clear instructions.

Contrast this with induction content for new staff. An organisation will want to create a product that has some longevity and conveys the values and standards of that organisation. Here an investment in higher production qualities will be worthwhile.

Consider alternative authoring tools.

The market is constantly evolving and whilst some authoring tools may have a solid grip on the market, times are changing and there are more options to consider. And this is where we toot our own horn!

VidVersity uses video as the basis for the creation of learning content.  That can be video captured using an iPhone to professionally produced content using a camera crew. That content can then be edited within the platform to create shorter ‘chapters’ or modules. Then add additional resources such as links to website, documents to download and explanatory notes.  And finally, bring the experience alive for the learner by adding questions, quizzes, slides and pop ups.

For the proficient user, 1 hour of content can be produced in 3 hours.

And proficiency is gained quickly.  We conduct monthly workshops and over the period of 2 x 3-hour workshops, participants with no experience in authoring tools become fully proficient in online learning creation using VidVersity.

So, don’t feel hemmed in by the ‘traditional’ authoring tools. Explore the market and find a tool that breaks down build time, costs and the burden on your L&D team.

Create a clear ‘process’.

Creating processes around learning content creation is key to giving staff the confidence to create content but it will also ensure a better outcome and better experience for learners.   Create processes such as capturing all in-house training sessions and how these are to be adapted and saved for ongoing training. Some may be left in the raw format; others may be adapted for an interactive approach to learning.

Look at processes for adapting content to educate and engage your own clients and customers.

Keep things simple.

In training new users on the VidVersity platform, our advice is ‘don’t use it just because you can’. It’s always tempting to create a lot of bells and whistles around learning and in particular online learning. But it’s often not necessary for the learner. Perhaps your learners need less rather than more. Consider a simple 1-page update email or a 3-minute daily video covering a topic over a period of a week. Create the easiest way in for your learners and resist the urge to show what you can do.

Create some simple templates and processes to support your L&D staff. Sometimes less really is more.

Remember that the digital age is supposed to make our lives simpler, and information more accessible.  We would love to hear your stories on how you are overcoming barriers to learning content creation in your organisation.

Want to join our upcoming workshop on Creating Video Learning with VidVersity – Getting Started.  You can find out more through our video learning workshop.

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A little bit about VidVersity.

There are plenty of video editing platforms on the market but here at VidVersity we have created an end to end solution from capture, upload, easy editing and the ability to add interactions and a range of ways to deliver to your clients. Our key focus is ease of use so anybody can use it and a produce a high quality end product.

To find out more contact us at:

1300 928 090

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