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Creating Video Compliance Training With VidVersity

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Compliance is important for any business or organisation.

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Creating Video Compliance Training With VidVersity Blog. One of the great benefits of video training is that is a great way to teach.¬†Video enables you to directly address your audience, ¬†show or demonstrate procedures and to quickly and accurate capture training.¬† We are all acutely aware of the need to generate training material fast in showing staff hygiene procedures, new office procedures and conveying messages to staff bodies. So, let’s look at the specific features¬†the VidVersity platform offers in creating and delivering interactive video-based training.

Video first 

VidVersity is a ‘video first’ platform. Video is created, cut into shorter ‘chapters’ or chunks and then interactions added as needed. For the learner, this means that they can watch a video, then read material if required. This might be a new company policy.¬†The learner may then download some material such as a graphic on handwashing procedures for the kitchen.¬†Finally, the learner may be required to answer a series of questions to ensure understanding.

To create compliance training, there are many options to create new or use existing video. 

  • Use existing video resources you may already have including existing safety training or evacuation procedures.
  • Engage a professional videographer and record new material.
  • Use an iPhone to create additional material.¬†Don’t be afraid to meld various modes of video to create your training content.
  • Record your screen and voice to capture PowerPoint style presentations.
  • Interview a subject matter expert.¬†You can record via Zoom and record directly on your laptop or record an interview. There are example of both these styles here and here¬†

Video editing

Our key focus here at VidVersity is ease of use and a great learner experience. This means that once you have uploaded the video, the process of editing and cutting the video is really simple.¬†The original video is always preserved so it’s impossible to make a mistake.¬† If you don’t like the cuts you have made, just start again. All the video segments you make are always available to you may wish to use a video for a variety of purposes.¬†For example, you may wish to create a module of hygiene practices at your office for staff but another version to inform your customers. The VidVersity editing tool enables you to cut your content into short ‘chapters’ which then form part of your training material.¬†We recommend no more than 10 minutes with an introduction and conclusion. This then makes course creation fast and easy.

Create the training material

Once you have your video resources you then need to create the training content.¬†The edited video segments now form ‘chapters’ of your training material.¬†Add slides, titles, and on – screen images for an engaging learner experience.¬†Add additional links to websites, downloadable documents or pop up notes to provide additional resources for your learner.¬†Add questions (3 styles are available) to test learning. The types of interactions you add will depend on the learning outcomes you are looking for and the style of training you are offering. You can add options for multiple attempts at questions and pre-load a pass rate. However, you decide to design your material, course creation is fast and easy.¬†Our key areas of ¬†focus at VidVersity is always ease of creation and a great learner experience.

Tracking and reporting

Tracking learner progress and course completion is vital for compliance training.

There are several delivery options with VidVersity.

  • VidVersity is both SCORM and LTI compliant.¬† This means it will be compatible with most Learning Management Systems and courses can be uploaded to the LMS with a single click.¬†The LMS can then track and report on all training ¬†content created using VidVersity.
  • If you don’t have an LMS or prefer not to use it (e.g. to send material to external clients rather than staff) then the VidVersity platform has a highly secure learner registration and delivery option. Learners login using a username and password and an in-house administrator will choose how long access is given to each learner.¬†Data is available on learner progress and completions.
  • VidVersity also offers a simple share link as a way to deliver material.¬†This is ideal for material which is able to be freely shared.¬†This might include customer updates on product features or newsletter style information.¬† A share link can be included in a newsletter or email.

Completion certificates. 

One of the great newly available features is the completion certificate which each learner can download and print at the conclusion of the module.¬†This is an important feature for learners and to meet prudential requirements.¬†But don’t forget the data is also available to an in – house administrator so this information can always be accessed at a later date.

Here’s a short video on this great new feature.

Video hosting and security requirements

Many organisations have strict privacy requirements regarding video hosting.  This means platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube are unsuitable. Other authoring tools such as Camtasia or Articulate will be hosted outside of Australia during the creation process and therefore may not meet your organisations security requirements.

VidVersity has a rigorous approach to security and all video and platform hosting is carried out in Australia. We host our content with Amazon Web Services in Sydney.  You can contact our team for our security specifications by emailing us at

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VidVersity was created to put control back in the hands of experts. Video based training is an engaging and low-cost way to create and update training fast, to respond to the changes in the workplace without compromising user experience.

To find out more about VidVersity or to trial the product for your organisation, please contact us here.

1300 928 090

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