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Create Effective Educational Videos

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As we make a rapid move online, we want to provide some helpful information for both teachers and trainers on how to create effective educational videos.

However, let’s look at the benefits of using video as a teaching tool.

Benefits of educational videos

Video in a time of pandemic.

In any teaching environment, there will be elements of your teaching which is static. This is the ‘lecture’ element where you will convey information to your students. This tends to remain unchanged so is ideal content to film. As I write this, we are all in isolation and online. By filming components of lessons, teachers deliver video content to students and then use live (Zoom) sessions for interactions and questions. It saves time, reduces stress and makes the most of the time you have together.

Video as a teaching aid

Asif Khan from the Khan Academy uses video to help kids understand maths. For example, kids can find the video that assists them in an area of maths they may not have understood in class. So here video video does not replace teaching but reinforces and aids understanding. Kids can access content without feeling embarrassed and maintain a sense of self determination. All learners will learn at a different pace and video is the perfect resource to level the playing field.

Video aids some types of teaching and learning

Video can benefit those teaching practical skills such as physics, electrical engineering, nursing or cooking. If you are an English teacher introducing Shakespeare to 14 year olds, a video will be your best teaching tool. Leonard DiCaprio will do a better job than almost any English teacher in getting kids engaged with Romeo and Juliet. Sometimes video is simply the best tool for the job.

So let’s move to how to create effective educational videos.

What style of video should I create?

Video comes in many forms. You may have access to content created by others, such as YouTube videos, a David Attenborough documentary or a professionally produced video of a heart and lung transplant.

Alternatively you can create your own resources. However, before you begin, think about what would benefit the students. Don’t create a high end production to simply demonstrate long division. Your students just want to know how to solve a problem and don’t need a moving soundtrack. See Eddie Woo’s simply approach to his incredibly successful maths series.

Here are some examples of effective video in action:-

Some examples.

  • If you wish to demonstrate the creation of a circuit board in physics, you can simply use your smartphone. Have someone hold it or simply set up a spot for your phone. Here is the explanation is the key component not the video production values.
  • If you are demonstrating an online design platform, you can record your screen and use your voiceover. Use a highlighted curser and a simple recording tool like Loom.
  • If you are creating some content to create a team in health and safety, book a videographer and spend time creating a video series. Here the audience may be expecting a better style of video production.
  • If you wish to film your own lecture style content, set up a suitable space that is quiet, well lit and with a stable phone stand such as a tripod. We have created a short video to help you with quick tips on filming with your phone which you can view here.
  • Record online presentations in Zoom, using webinar platforms, Google Hangouts to reuse as a teaching tool. More on this coming soon to our blog! 

Sharing your video

Moving large video files is easy with cloud technology. Anyone can share videos on Google Drive, in Dropbox or upload video to internal Learning Management Systems or platforms such as Canvas. If security in not a big deal, simply create an account with Vimeo or YouTube to easily tag and share your content with others.


Don’t confuse slick production values with good content. The most highly produced training video can still bore learners to tears. So focus on engaging video content and bring all the elements of great teaching including your personal style, to your videos.

To check out more great content on video learning for both the education and corporate sectors head to our blog page here.

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A little bit about VidVersity.

There are plenty of video editing platforms on the market but here at VidVersity we have created an end to end solution from capture, upload, easy editing and the ability to add interactions and a range of ways to deliver to your clients. Our key focus is ease of use so anybody can use it and a produce a high quality end product.

To find out more contact us at:

1300 928 090

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