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Digital transformation for business

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Digital transformation is a process we are all engaged in on some level. For organisations this means bringing manual processes within a digital framework and replacing outdated technology with the new. 

The priorities will change depending on the needs of staff and customers. Without a doubt COVID has put a rocket under most businesses and supercharged the transformation process. 

This might be as simple as introducing QR codes to register customers or staff movements to a wholesale upgrade of operating systems. 

I love a real story about how organisations have coped and was inspired by this article in Forbes Magazine about the journey of Honeywell over COVID.

Here at VidVersity we are one piece of the puzzle for organisations moving to digital solutions for online training, learning and instructions. Video enables organisations to easily capture training content and our platform gives organisations the tools to edit that material and package it into accessible learning modules or courses with interactivity such as questions, links and the like. It’s a great way to see how organisations approach digital transformation and we always love to share success stories.

Digital transformation before COVID

So what would prompt an organisation to move from face to face training to a video based online alternative? 

One of the organisations that did this best in a pre-COVID time (a mid-tier law firm) had a specific brief from management to embrace technology and innovation in the organisation.  This top-down cultural approach to digital transformation is one of the most effective ways for organisations to become more efficient, to save costs, and to give staff permission to really go looking for new and effective ways to do business.  This culture also means staff will tend to move quickly before as they don’t have internal blockers and they have firm-wide buy-in.  

This firm used online video learning to create content in a matter of hours (online, interactive staff training) and days to produce high-quality content for clients.   When new compliance rules were introduced, all staff were trained immediately with material created in house. Most importantly, when COVID hit, the transition was seamless. Online solutions were extended to clients and even introduced new streams of revenue.   

So here a culture of innovation has been critical to economic success in challenging times.   The firm has been empowered and the Learning and Development team have been superstars when other organisations have been left behind. 

Let’s look at some other examples.

Digital transformation during COVID

Digital solutions don’t always mean a better user experience. Sometimes we make compromises in the name of cost-saving or operational efficiency. But here is an example of digital transformation leading to a quiet little revolution. We have been working with an Aged Care provider. Unable to continue with face to face training due to the lockdown and facing huge challenges in a time of rapid change in health care protocols, our client used video to create training for staff in all 21 languages. The agility of video meant a simple change such as a move from masks to face screens could be easily updated, again in all 21 languages using just an iPhone and the staff within the organisation. The logistics of delivering this training in a face to face environment would be overwhelming but with technology and minimal support and training video created a much more valuable and effective training environment.

Good enough is enough

I love the quote in the Forbes article “Forget perfect, go for good enough”. That doesn’t mean you do a bad job or have low standards. It means if you wait until everything is perfect you will never get there. Another organisation needed to deliver professional development training in lockdown. This training was previously face to face. The organisation lacked an L&D team, they had no Learning Management System and an extremely limited budget. What they had was a responsibility to keep training their stakeholders and the training they were providing was really critical and made a significant impact on peoples’ lives. They were stressed, nervous but prepared to work with what they had. Using VidVersity, video-based training (combined with some live Zoom components) was created and delivered within a few weeks. We adapted modes of delivery to suit their budget and problem solved all the way through. They now have a raft of training material that is even more valuable to their stakeholders as it’s no longer limited to those who live in the capital city but can be delivered nationally.  

Critically, the early versions were able to be adapted and improved based on initial feedback.  They will now introduce a Learning Management System as the model has been proved to be successful.  The ‘lean’ launch has been key to success.

To conclude

Digital transformation is happening whether we like it or not. It is happening in our homes and in our workplaces. 

It is about creativity, thinking big, taking risks, learning from others and being constantly open to new ideas and ways of working.  

We feel passionately about these ideas and would love you to come on this journey with us. 

We will be running a series of workshops over the coming months to help you on the digital transformation in learning and training.

You can sign up here to our mailing list for details of upcoming workshops and lots of great learning resources. 

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A little bit about VidVersity.

There are plenty of video editing platforms on the market but here at VidVersity we have created an end to end solution from capture, upload, easy editing and the ability to add interactions and a range of ways to deliver to your clients. Our key focus is ease of use so anybody can use it and a produce a high quality end product.

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