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Online Training Videos For Businesses

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Learn more about creating cutting edge training videos for business education.

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Creating online training videos for businesses can be expensive and time consuming. Many will be reluctant to invest in online training other than for ‘static content’ i.e. content that is unlikely to change. However there are lots of online options available and there is no need to have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to online training content development.

In this blog post, we explore why and how businesses can create engaging and cost effective online training videos for staff.

Why create online training videos for your business? 

There are a number of reasons for businesses to move some or all of their staff training online. These include:-

  • Consistent and low-cost delivery. With staff in each Australian state or around the world, ensuring consistency of training can be expensive and challenging. Managing risk means ensuring staff are trained from their first day and that training continues throughout their employment. Developing online training which can be accessible anywhere and anytime is essential. Ensuring training is tracked for compliance is also key. Here online training is ideally suited to the purpose which is staff knowledge and safety and video is an ideal medium to ‘show’ not ‘tell’ your staff about safe practices.
  • Flexible work practices. For organisations promoting flexible work for staff, part time staff should not be disadvantaged by being able to attend training sessions. We will explore this in more detail but training can be both live and online to ensure everyone is included. Video is easily accessible for learners and easy to create.
  • Capture expertise and increase the ROI. Creating and delivering training is an investment for any organisation. Why not record in house training sessions to create an accessible online library for future use. This can be revisited by staff who attended or shared with those who were unable to attend. Just as we like to wear an expensive piece of clothing as much as possible to ensure the ‘investment’ has been worthwhile, make an expert’s knowledge and training as accessible as possible to ensure the maxim return on investment for the employer.

When to use video-based training. 

There are now a vast number of authoring tools available on the market and most Learning and Development professionals will have direct knowledge and some proficiency in tools such as Articulate Rise, Camtasia or Adobe Captivate.  Many of these tools have a text-based format with some video capacity.

Here’s a great overview of some of the better known enterprise wide tools. Learn Up On

For a video-based tool, the VidVersity platform  enables organisations to utilise existing video resources or newly created video to create easily accessible chapter based learning with interactions such as links to websites, downloadable documents, notes, slides and so on.

You may wish to use text-based authoring tools for some content or video-based authoring tools (such as VidVersity) for other content. Presenting a variety of styles for your learner will enhance engagement.

Text based learning is important for technical updates or content where reading material is key. Video is ideally suited to content that requires some form of demonstration (safe lifting or presentation skills) or to provide an easily accessible overview of new and important information (interview a subject matter expert or speak to camera to provide an overview of information).

And don’t forget the simplest of tools to share training with your staff.  Think outside the box and beyond highly produced and expensive online training material.  Sharing new product features, or technical updates for staff  is easy with these tools (no skills required!)

  • Zoom meetings and Google Hangouts can all be recorded. You can read our blog on recording and repurposing zoom meetings. Once recorded, they can be easily stored in a cloud based platform such as Dropbox or Google Drive and with appropriate and easily searchable titles, staff can access this content at any time.
  • Recording training material using your laptop and voiceover with a platform such as Loom, Screenpresso or QuickTime if you are a Mac user is another easy way to capture and share learning. Simply record a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover for a stress free presentation method.
  • Use your smartphone or tablet to record direct to camera or interview a subject matter expert.  Share the video via your preferred secure cloud network or create a company YouTube account (but just make sure you are across security and access issues).

Combining LIVE with ONLINE training – a blended approach.

However, your organisation creates and delivers training, sometimes the best approach is a blended approach. Invest more time and money in content that will last the longest. This might be OH&S training for example. But in areas of training that are constantly changing, don’t be afraid to embrace the power of video for fast and disposable training. An example we like to cite is the time we spent creating high end content for the Carbon Trading Scheme only to have the material dumped by the government. So match the style of production to the content.

Live training is a great way to connect and engage an audience but using a blend of online and live provides an opportunity to add value to learners. Prepare online content for staff to complete BEFORE a live session so all come to the session with a similar knowledge base. Learners are less likely to cheat or just click quickly through online content if they know this knowledge will be tested in a live session. But similarly, participants are more likely to contribute to a group discussion if they are not feeling ill-prepared or intimidated by the experience or knowledge of others.

Another great application of blended learning is to create online content for participants to take away after a live session. Prepare recap style content, or extended learning or ‘check in’ with further online content a week, a month, or a year after the session. These are all ‘sticky’ learning techniques.

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The YouTube phenomenon is no accident. Video is a brilliant way to teach and to learn. Production can be ‘high end’ and involve a big investment or be created on the run using a laptop or iPhone and very little time and cost. However, your organisation chooses to engage video learning, there are so many applications as a companion to more traditional styles or as a stand-alone means of sharing information. Get recording and get creative!

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