An email newsletter?  Blog updates?  A personal visit or phone call? 

Video is a fast and effective way to capture product features, explain product functions and keep your sales team and customers up to date.  

But how to package that video and deliver it effectively? 

This is how I am using VidVersity in the Little Space, a boutique co-working and event space in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. 

The Little Space, Bondi

A big part of my customer base is corporate clients looking for an off-site venue so to secure a booking, I need to make sure the EA or Events Manager is completely confident in the space.  Photos and videos are the best way to do this so VidVersity is really selling my space for me. 

Once I have the customer booked in, I use VidVersity to provide resources about the space. 

“How do I use the monitor?”

“How do I access the meeting rooms after hours”

“How do I use your online booking platform?” 

Want to learn how to do something?  Do you prefer to read about it or watch a short video? 

The Little Space, Bondi

In a 30 second video, I can show my customers how to to get access to our products and services,  to connect to the technology and get started. 

I can give them a video tour and embed booking links in the video chapters. 

And I can combine it all into an online ‘catalogue’ with easy to find chapters which I can edit, move and extract.   This means I can repackage existing video for different purposes.  I can create a video-based sales deck. I can create an on-boarding or induction manual for new customers.  And I can create a resource for existing customers so they can easily find answers any time. 

I can reuse video content for different formats, for prospective customers, for onboarding new customers and delivering great resources to existing customer to highlight new features. 

And it’s no longer the next best thing to being there in person, it’s better.  It saves time and money and lets me reach my customers wherever they are. 

Video has truly transformed the world of learning.  Look around you on the bus, the airport lounge or just the nearest teenager with a device.  Video rules the digital highway!
At VidVersity, we want to capture the power of video because it truly is the most effective way to capture assets within your organisation. Expert knowledge, training, product features, specialist experience, external training can all be captured and shared on video.
Let’s look at some real-life examples.

1. Induction.

Induction is repetitive, costly and often delivered frequently to small numbers of staff.  Video your senior staff members on their experience in the workplace, interview recent inductees and capture their advice to new starters and video some key ‘faces’ to know within the organisation.  Capture onscreen processes and create a ready resource for staff to return to any time. Build this into your live program.

2. Support your sales team.

Provide video based updates on new product features.  Video these weekly and deliver to your sales staff.  With VidVersity you can add additional resources such as documents and notes and remove any out of date content at any time.

3. Occupational Health and Safety.

Live training is essential but how do you ensure those with English as a second language have understood the training?  Video your training sessions and with VidVersity create subject matter chapters and provide subtitles or translations.

The possibilities of video are endless and we all carry a powerful device in our pockets.  The iPhone and VidVersity can capture all the expertise floating around your organisation.